*** All payments must be made before the show date. We will post a payment deadline. THERE WILL BE NO DAY OF SHOW PAYMENTS ACCEPTED!***

Crafter- Someone who makes crafts.

Pearler Art, Jewelry, Wood burning, Pillows, Crochet..


Vendor- Someone with

Comics, Toys, Non-Sport Cards, Posters, Collectibles, General Merchandise.

$60 for one

$50 each two or more

Mt. Bethel payments due by October 28

Toms River payments due by November 2

Artist-Someone who

works in comic industry, inker, colorist, writer.


All table payments must be made via pay-pal OR by check/moneyorder.

Pay-pal payments can be made to:

howellmanforyou@aol.com     OR


Checks/Money orders can be sent to:

Daniel or Mary Campbell

515 Chelsea Street

Forked River, NJ 08731