Table prices (includes 2 chairs)

Vendors $65, $55 two or more.

Crafter $45        Artist $35


Payment can be made via Pay-Pal to:

Checks or Money orders can be sent to:

Daniel Campbell

515 Chelsea Street

Forked River, New Jersey 08731

Set up time for this show is 7:30 to

​9:45.  The show opens promptly at 10am to the general public. We ask that all our vendors, artists, and guests please arrive on time, be in the showroom BEFORE 9:45. The loading doors close then and if you are not in the showroom and set up by then, you lose your table(s) and monies.

No application is required. We just need your name, email and a description on what type of items you sell.  *This is a family show and NO adult material is permitted*

Table Pricing Information