Payment can be made via Pay-Pal to:

Checks or Money orders can be sent to:

Daniel Campbell

515 Chelsea Street

Forked River, New Jersey 08731


Table Pricing Information

No application is required. We just need your name, email and a description on what type of items you sell.  *This is a family show and NO adult material is permitted*

Tables are 8ft ( Toms River they are 6ft) and chairs included.   Dealer tables are $65 for one $55 each two or more. Crafter $45 and Artist $35

Set up time for this show is 7:30 to

​9:45.  The show opens promptly at 10am to the general public. We ask that all our vendors, artists, and guests please arrive on time, be in the showroom BEFORE 9:45. The loading doors close then and if you are not in the showroom and set up by then, you lose your table(s) and monies.