Chairs are provided at all Venues

Toms River are 6ft tables

Mt. Bethel are 8ft tables

Rahway are 8ft tables

Artist tables are $30


Tables are $35

Vendor table $60

Two for $100 Each additional $50 table limit 4


Vendor table $65

Two for $110 Each

additional $55

table limit 4

*** All payments must be made before the show date.  THERE WILL BE NO DAY OF SHOW PAYMENTS ACCEPTED!***

Crafter tables are $40


Tables are $45

***NO COMMERCIAL VENDORS will be allowed to vend. This includes Insurance Companies, Cell Phone, Cable, Home Improvement, Vitamins, Health Drinks, etc..***

This is a COMIC BOOK SHOW not a Trade show!

***Load in time will be from 7:45 am to 9:30 am.  We ask that everyone please be on time and please be in the showroom and set up by 9:45. The show starts promptly at 10 am. Anyone arriving AFTER 9:45 am loses monies and table. No exceptions!!***

All table payments must be made via pay-pal OR by check/moneyorder.

Pay-pal payments can be made to:     OR

Checks/Money orders can be sent to:

Daniel or Mary Campbell

515 Chelsea Street

Forked River, NJ 08731